How to Factory Reset vivo V29 Lite

There are numerous reasons why you need to do a factory reset to your vivo V29 Lite Android smartphone. Your smartphone can be overloaded with apps or running slow, otherwise, you could have downloaded the latest update, which may additionally motive troubles with your smartphone’s functionality. You need to reset your smartphone due to the fact you’re selling it. Here is the manner to hard reset your Android smartphone.

Note:- That a hard reset will erase all your information from your mobile. You cannot restore your mobile information, along with apps, contacts, and files, and so on. So if possible back up the Android data earlier than resetting your smartphone.

What is Hard Reset?

A hard reset is likewise referred to as a factory reset or master reset is that the restoration of a device to the state it had been in when it left the factory. All settings, packages (Apps), and data added by the user have removed manner permanently deleted.

Factory reset, or hard reset operation is used to restore damaged or forgotten passwords or malfunctioning devices or to delete all information from your smartphone

vivo V29 Lite Factory Data Reset from Settings

Factory reset will erase all your data. To reset mobile factory data using the Settings menu, follow these simple steps.

  • Turn on your vivo V29 Lite smartphone.
Vivo System
  • Then go to the Settings menu and choose the System option.
vivo Reset options
  • In this step, find the option Reset options.
Erase all data (factory reset)
  • Once that selected, tap on the option Erase all data (factory reset).
Erase all data
  • Afterward, choose the Erase all data and confirm by tapping the Erase all data option
  • The device will reboot and take several minutes to begin.

If the above method does not work follow this Android smartphone factory data Reset from Settings.

vivo V29 Lite Hard Reset via Recovery Mode

vivo V29 Lite Android smartphone hard Reset or Factory Reset. You can Reset your Android mobile without cost. You do not need software knowledge. Right here we additionally provide how to hard reset and Password recovery your Android mobile.

Back up the Android data earlier than resetting your smartphone.

  • If your vivo V29 Lite smartphone is on, turn it off by holding down the power key.
  • In this step, hold down the
    • power and volume Up keys.
    • Power and Volume down keys.
  • Release all keys when the brand Fast boot Mode is displayed.
vivo Recovery Option
  • Next, press Volume Down to select the option “Recovery”, and press the Power key to confirm.
Clear Data
  • In this step, select the option Clear Data and Clear all data, using the volume keys, and confirm with the Power key.
  • Next, highlight and choose OK to confirm the reset.
Vivo Hard Reset return option
  • Go back to the Recovery menu, by the Return button.
Vivo Hard Reset Restart option
  • Subsequently, press the Power key to select the Restart.
  • Reset finished on your vivo V29 Lite Android smartphone.

Your smartphone will reset and change. Your smartphone will reboot, and you will have to go through the setup process once earlier than you can restore your data.

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