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Right here are all of the tips and tricks for your tech devices. As technology becomes greater powerful, our devices turn out to be more complicated. gadgets like smartphones can do quite ever, however, they may roll in the hay in additional ways than ever before.

If you have ever puzzled if there may be a higher way to do that or with your electronic devices, you have come to the right place.

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The smartphone user is aware of how important it’s miles to back up important content on their smartphone. if you’re an Android smartphone user and need to know how to back up your smartphone content material.

Do now not turn off or restart your smartphone during the recovery process, otherwise, data may be broken or lost. once the restore is successful, you can delete backups that you not want.

Hard Reset

There are numerous reasons why you need to do a factory reset to your Android smartphone. Your smartphone can be overloaded with apps or running slow, otherwise, you could have downloaded the latest update, which may additionally motive troubles with your smartphone’s functionality. You need to reset your smartphone due to the fact you’re selling it. here is the manner to hard reset your Android smartphone.

Here you’ll list all of the smartphone companies for a hard reset. you could choose your smartphone company, and then pick out your model to get hard reset, factory reset, and password recovery methods. you could additionally discover how to reset your smartphone’s PIN or pattern.


Here you can unlock the Android smartphone without any software. We provide pattern unlock methods, Password reset when you forgot the password and hard reset methods, and so on.

This post gives you complete facts about unlocking methods in your android smartphone. Right here we additionally provide password recovery with android tools & drivers and together with your Google account etc.

Note:- Unlock method will erase all your information from your mobile. You cannot restore your mobile information, along with apps, contacts, and files, and so on. So if possible back up the Android data.

Flash File

Flash File

The Flash file lets you upgrade and downgrade the stock firmware to your Android smartphone devices. Flash files can also help you to fix software problems, booting process, IMEI problems, and Android smartphone problems.

Right here you can download and install stock firmware ROM (Flash file) for free. you will find the official link to download or install the stock firmware ROM (Flash File).

Be aware: – Flashing stock firmware (Flash file) deletes your data permanently. So, back up all personal data like images, contacts and apps.

Secret Codes

Android secret codes are the quality manner to know about any smartphone and software program information. in the post, you’ll locate the hidden secret codes for the Android device. These secret codes are very useful for any android smartphone. With the usage of those codes for your Android device,

You can easily unlock the hidden features of your smartphone. secret codes are free, and you may use these codes for Android phones.

Software Update

Doing a software or system update on your mobile is required to maintain the smartphone secure and functioning smoothly. A software update provides the latest security patches and bug fixes for your device. additionally, recent software versions run better than previous versions due to optimizations.

Most of those updates will seem automatically on your smartphone screen. in case you would really like information and don’t want to attend too long, you’ll check yourself for the newest updates, use the newest update software. additionally, you’ll research other customer reviews and choose best”, the simplest and most effective options.

Hard ResetBackupHidden CodesFlash File
Software UpdateRouter ResetUnlockNon – Android