Backup or Restore your Doopro Android device

Smartphones are becoming better at backing up information automatically, however, unluckily, you can lose your Smartphone or fall into the water, lose everything, and perform a hard reset. there are many approaches to back up that information.

The Doopro cellphone consumer is aware of how important it is to again up essential content material on their smartphone. if you are a Doopro cellphone user and want to understand the manner to returned up your Doopro phone content material.

you may not miss your contacts, audio, videos, photos, messages, or every other content material from your cellphone. Your search ends here.

There are various strategies to back up data on Doopro mobile. pick out the best restoration method in keeping with the manner you’re backing up.

you may back up content material, data, and settings from your cell to your Google Account. you may restore your backup information to the original cell or some other Android mobile.

Do no longer turn off or restart your cellular at some stage in the restoration method, otherwise, data can be broken or lost. once the restore is a success, you can delete backups that you not want.

Select Your Doopro Android Phone

Find out about these options earlier than backing up

  • Backup complete: Your upload is complete and you don’t have any more items to backup
  • Backup is off: Backup and sync turned off. to start a backup, press switch on Backup.
  • Waiting for connection or Waiting for Wi-Fi: change your settings or connect with a Wi-Fi or Phone network.
  • Preparing backup or Getting ready to back up: Your images and movies are ready to be backed up.
  • Backing up: Your photos and videos are presently being backed up. you’ll additionally find the variety of items left.

Before Backing up the files

  • Ensure your smartphone’s battery level is above 60%.
  • Understand the different backup methods and pick the only one that works best for you.
  • It’s miles best to use a network connection when processing a backup.
  • You may select the best high-quality.

Reasons Behind Data Deletion on Doopro Phone

The following are some common reasons behind deleting data on Doopro smartphone

Factory Reset

When your smartphone is not working well or hanging we do the factory Reset to our smartphone.

Virus or Malware Infection

If a virus enters your smartphone, it’s going to corrupt all the information stored from our device.

Updating Software

while new updates arrive on our cellphone we attempt to update them and our mobile information is misplaced when the update system fails.

Other Reasons

ROM flashed, black / white display screen, device crash, screen broken / cracked / cracked, forgotten display lock pin / sample / password etc.

Accidental Deletion

Now and again whilst deleting data that we do now not need, we by chance tap on that file which we need.

How to Set Up Back Up Account

  • Power on your Doopro Android smartphone.
  • Subsequently, go to the Settings menu on your smartphone.
  • In this Step, locate and choose back Up and Reset.
Android Phone Set Up Back Up Account
  • Then, tap on the Back Up Account option.
  • Ultimately, add Your back Up Account.
  • Set up back Up Account, accomplished.

Backup Your Data

  • First, power on your Doopro smartphone.
  • Next, go to the Settings menu on your smartphone.
Backup Your Data
  • After that, discover and select again Backup and Reset.
  • Eventually, turn on the Backup My data option.
  • Backup Your data, carried out.

How to Set Up Automatic Restore

  • First, power on your Doopro smartphone.
  • Next, go to the Settings menu on your smartphone.
  • After that, discover and select again Backup and Reset.
Android Phone Set Up Automatic Restore
  • Eventually, turn on the Automatic Restore option.
  • Automatic Restore, done.

How to Create a Backup

  • First, power on your Doopro smartphone.
  • Next, go to the Settings menu on your smartphone.
  • After that, discover and select again Backup and Reset.
  • In this step, choose the Backup and Restore option.
Android Phone Create a Backup
  • Now select the New Backup option.
  • Eventually, Tap on the Start backup.
  • Create a backup, done.

Manually choose your data to returned up pictures, photos, movies, videos, screenshots, apps, audio, and so forth.

The backup folder could be saved in your Doopro mobile as a folder. connect your mobile to your pc and copy the backups to your pc. With a clone mobile, you may quickly transfer all information from one mobile to another mobile as a data backup.

Restore your Doopro Smartphone via Pc

Here is an easy technique you may use to back up all your data from your Android device to your Windows or Mac.

Transferring data from your Android device to a computer via USB cable may be very easy. however, you want to be conscious that the method of transferring data from your smartphone varies depending on whether or not you’ve got a windows pc or Mac.

In case your backup files are saved on external storage together with an SD card, removable hard drive, etc., copy those files to your Doopro smartphone to complete the data recovery.

Backup your Photos and Videos – Google Photos

Need to back up photos and videos for your Doopro smartphone, Google photos It syncs your photos and videos in your Google server, you could access every time on any device, you simply want to login to the same Gmail account.

  • First, Open the Google photos app on your Doopro smartphone.
  • next, login to Google photos along with your Gmail.
  • once you log in, tap on the Settings (on the top right of the search bar).
Backup your Photos and Videos - Google Photos
  • After that, tap on the turn-on Backup option.
  • You’re all equipped, now your mobile photos and videos may be backed up to Google photos.
  • If you want to back up photos and videos of some other folder.
Back up photos and videos of another folder
  • Settings icon > photos settings> Backup & sync > back up device folders.
  • Backup completed.

Backup your Photos and Videos – Google Drive

You need an active network connection to back up information to the drive

  • First, Open the Google Drive app on your Doopro smartphone.
  • In this step, log in to Google drive together with your Gmail.
  • Subsequently, open your file manager on your smartphone.
  • Choose all of the documents you want to back up to the drive.
Backup your Photos and Videos - Google Drive
  • After selecting the files you need to backup, tap on the send.
  • Once you click on the send option, select the Drive from all available options.
  • Eventually, choose the save and all the selected files will be uploaded to drive.
  • To restore backup data from the drive, open the drive and choose the file you need to download

Important note: After signing up for a Google Account to log in on a device, users will not use Gmail to send emails or chat, forgetting their password. So, it is important to keep in mind your Google Account password and save your Gmail account.

Continually add your smart phone number to your Google Account for password recovery. In brief, bear in mind your Gmail id and password, otherwise, if you Lose your smartphone and you do not remember your Gmail id and password you may not advantage of this backup and you will lose all data.

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